July 2018 a group of carers came together


The group initially looked at the support needs of Carer's in the areas of allegations, placement breakdown, reviews, emotional distress and much more.


Short term, the Project was looking at consulting with carers about what support they would like,


Long term the Project hoped to be able to establish a system of support which could be individualised for Carers needs, or generalised for all carers.


The group named itself

The Trust project


And included Staffordshire Foster Carers Association representative Tanya A

 Buddies4fc representative's Mike D and Alan H along with members of the Breakfast Club


It was soon realised that to provide a level of support that the group as a whole believed would benefit Staffordshire Carers was a lot more complex than originally envisaged. Buddies and the SFCA looked at ways their individual organisation's may be able to move the project forward but it was decided that for the present The Trust Project would have to be put on hold.


Buddies4fc redirected its efforts into developing methods to help Carers better support each other, through group meetings and online forums.


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