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Welcome to “The Adventurers

Adventurers are first and foremost a community, and we value your input and feedback at every turn. 

If you find yourself with questions or uncertainties or


Who, what are “Adventurers”?

We are Community based clubs breaking down barriers by bringing together people of all ages and abilities, from a variety of backgrounds, to develop and exchange skills that improve their employability, confidence, and wellbeing.


In creating these opportunities for intergenerational learning, we are also promoting a unique environment for social participation.

We provide accessible spaces to meet and engage with new and diverse range of people, in the hope of decreasing isolation, improving communication, and strengthening communities.


Core Values


Regardless of your age, orientation or background, Adventurers will always be a safe space for you to learn and grow.


Our commitment to opening up opportunities for all means Adventurers Clubs are - and will always be - free to attend.


Every Adventurer has as much to give as they have to gain, that's why creating a collaborative environment is so important to us.

Anyone can learn

We believe you can learn something from everyone - no matter who they are. You’re never too old or too young!

What do we mean by 'Adventurers'?

An " Adventurer " is the name we give to every person attending the clubs. We don't make distinctions based on age, ability, or traditional roles such as mentor or participant. We do this to ensure our Clubs are democratic, collaborative spaces.


All Adventurers are created equal - but some have more responsibility than others...


Every Club has at least two who will assume the role of "Club Leaders". The Club Leaders are the main point of contact, and the people responsible for the organising and safe running of the Club. This includes the distribution and enforcement of all safeguarding and safety procedures. Buddies4fc will support each club to operate safely.

Our Ethos

In creating Adventurers, Buddies4fc have made a commitment to providing a fun, free and safe environment for everyone to explore interest, and passions of the clubs choice, in the hope that this will lead to positive experiences and opportunities for all.

Buddies4fc are committed to:


·         empowering people of all ages to learn and try new things enabling people of all ages to share their skills to help others learn


·         building networks that will lead to new friendships and opportunities It is vital that this community remain open to everyone. Building a diverse community growing the tolerance, understanding and confidence of participants.


·         In our commitment to “playing, learning, and building for everyone”, we have found that segmenting by age or skill level is not necessary to create a strong peer network.



All persons are welcome and encouraged to become an Adventurer regardless of their:


·         age

·         ability or disability (including mental or physical)

·         background, heritage, or culture

·         ethnicity, nationality, or race

·         religion, belief, or the absence of either

·         gender

·         sexual orientation

·         political views

·         class or economic circumstance


Our Rebellion is guided by this inclusive practice, through which we strive to best represent and celebrate the diversity in our society and promote positive attitudes to our differences.


Code of Conduct

All Adventurers, Club Leaders, volunteers, partners, sponsors and visitors are expected to abide by the Adventurers Code of Conduct.

Or as we like to call it, our Rules of Rebellion!

Adventurers are a community. Being part of this community means:

·         committing to helping each other

·         listening to others views

·         setting an example

·         treating everyone equally

·         respecting the club, your fellow Adventurers and visitors.

If you think someone is being particularly positive or awesome - tell them! It's important to build confidence and let people know you appreciate them/their actions.

If you think someone is being negative or harsh - let them know. Remember to always do this in a quiet and constructive way, without drawing undue attention.

To represent yourself and the Adventurers to your very best ability, you must always practice:

No violence

No harassment

No discrimination

No inappropriate imagery or content

Buddies4fc are committed to these Rules of Rebellion and seeks to ensure, as far as is reasonably possible, the adherence to this code.


 Buddies4fc takes a zero-tolerance policy on the use or consumption of illegal drugs or alcohol at an Adventurers Club. Anyone found doing so will be made known to the Club Leader immediately.

If you do not abide by this Code, the Club Leader or Buddies4fc reserve the right to ask you to leave a Club or the community permanently.


Buddies4fc Role

We provide skills and support to establish an The Adventurers Club in your organisation, town or city in the hope of creating a sustainable community for both young people and adults. This also creates a strong basis from which to inspire skills.


Buddies4fc will provide:

Help in finding a suitable venue

Help and support to locate and apply for funding opportunity’s in your area

 training to support the success of the club

Assistance with your DBS check

Access to any network or connections we may have in your area

Information for your Club containing everything you need to run a safe and successful Adventurers meeting.

Promotional Materials to let your community know about your Adventure.

Links to other Adventurers in the county.

Links to volunteer networks to inject suitable knowledge into the clubs

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