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Set out below you will find details of the Jofli Bear© pilot project and the actions we ask you to undertake with your child/young person in support of the Educational Programme. We hope that, with your support and by engaging with Jofli Bear©, your child/young person's educational experience and attainment will improve. This may simply be in helping them to attend or stay in class, by improving their writing and creative ability, or sharing with you their experiences by sharing their writing journey with you!
1. You have been supplied with a Jofli Bear© for your child/young person which comprises the following:-
1 x Large Jofli Bear
1 x Small Jofli Bear
1 x Jofli Bear Key Ring
1 x Jofli Backpack
1 x Jofli Fostering Pack
2. Our focus during this pilot project is on developing the writing and creativity skills of children and young people, whilst supporting attachment needs.
3. With Jofli Bear© we have included a fostering booklet. Before sharing the Bear with the child, please read through this and consider some of the opportunities, both at home and at school, where the young person could use both the booklet and online facilities. If you are unsure, please contact the Jofli Bear© Project Team - we are here to help!
4. We advise that you register the Bear on the website and have a look at the secure area prior to using this with your young person.
5. Please speak to your young person's school about Jofli Bear© and how the project is hoping to utilise him-we have attached a letter which you can share with them, to explain a little more about Jofli Bear© and the Project Team are always happy to come and speak to Headteachers or other staff members about the Project.
6. Further information about Jofli Bear© can be found at
7. It is expected that you will encourage the young person in the use of Jofli Bear©, the booklet and the online area.
8. Once every 4 weeks you will receive a phone call from a member of the Project Team, to discuss with you the activities, utilisation and interaction the young person has been engaged in with Jofli Bear©. This should take no more than 15 minutes and will follow a standard pattern - the questionnaire we will be using is also attached, so that you know what to expect from the call. You are always welcome to let us know of any positive activities or outcomes throughout the month - we hope to share good news stories about Jofli Bear's© travels and writing adventures on the Project site!
9. At the end of the 2nd month, the Project will provide an additional costume' for Jofli Bear© provided that the young person has engaged with the activities. Please look at the website with the young person and email us to let us know what clothing the young person would like for Jofli Bear© and this will be sent to them direct.
10. Jofli Bear© should be discussed at the young person's LAC review and PEP meetings, and details of interaction, impact or effect should be included in the ePEP Foster Carer section. Should you need support with the use of ePEP please either attend training provided by the Training Team or contact the Project Team for 1-2-1 support.
11. We will be producing a report at the end of the project term, which we will share with all participants. At this time we will also ask for your input, ideas and thoughts on both the impact of Jofli Bear© on the child (and your family), as well as whether the Project should be sustained into the future. We look forward to hearing from you at that stage.
12. There will be an event, to which you and your child are invited. This is an opportunity to meet other carers and children involved, as well as the Project Team. For some games and activities for the children, together with a chance to shake hands with the 'real' Jofli Bear© character, and to hear more about what the Project hopes to achieve. We hope you and the child will be able to join us and bring their Jofli Bear© too!
13. Should you have any questions at any time throughout the Project please do contact us - we are here to support you and the child at any time.


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