Stranger Danger

As a child my parents "Drummed" into me Stranger Danger -Don't talk to strangers, Don’t take sweets from strangers, Don’t wander off,Dont get into strangerd cars were the basics this message is still being handed to our children today but we also have a new stranger danger message to pass onto our children. The Stanger that I was warned to avoid was outside today the stranger has access to our children within the home, the classroom when out with the family. All Children are different, every Parent and Carer has a different relationship with the child but the one thing we all have in common is we are skilled in communicating with children we just need to adapt the message that our parents gave us to suit todays age of the internet.

Below are some videos that may help you start that conversation we have selected them so that you can watch them with children across a wide age range.

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