e-safety  (Digital citizenship)

Parenting tweens and teens is challenging enough, but the prevalence of tech in most Children's' lives makes it that much more important for parents and carers to try and stay one step ahead. Where safe internet browsing was once our biggest concern, now smart phones and social networking apps have introduced a whole new dimension to potential tech misuse that we need to stay on top of.


We have to allocate time to research, explore and gain an understanding not only of the dangers of a new application but also the benefits that it may present, we need this knowledge so as to have a better positive parental discussion with young people (they know when we don't have a clue what they are doing).


We have separated resources into subjects, we would ask that if you use any of the resources especially the videos that you discus this first with a relevant professional.

The useful Links section brings together organisations on one page to help get to the information and support you may need easily.


Share sugestions for parental control and security software so other carers can make an informed decision.

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